Inca Trail 1: Start (km 88)
Inca Trail 2: First camp
Inca Trail 3: Pass (4200m)
Inca Trail 4: Second camp
Inca Trail 5: Huinay Huayna
Inca Trail 6: Machu Picchu
Inca Trail 7: Machu Picchu
Inca Trail 8: Aguas Calientes
Cuzco - Puno
Lake Titicaca: Uros Indians
Nazca Lines
Chauchilla Cementary


Lago Agrio
Cuyabeno Reserve 1
Cuyabeno Reserve 2
Cuyabeno Reserve 3
Cuyabeno Reserve 4
Cuyabeno Reserve 5
Cotopaxi 1: Camp at 3800m
Cotopaxi 2: Walk to the lake
Cotopaxi 3: Sunset
Cotopaxi 4: Camp at 4800m
Cotopaxi 5: Training
Cotopaxi 6: The Climb


Pico Espejo
Canaima/Angel Falls 1
Canaima/Angel Falls 2
Canaima/Angel Falls 3
Canaima/Angel Falls 4
Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Morrocoy Islands 1
Morrocoy Islands 2
Morrocoy Islands 3
Morrocoy - Caracas

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Day 1: New York - Lima
Day 2: Lima
Day 3: Lima - Cuzco (by plane/3326m)
Day 4: Cuzco
Day 5: Cuzco

Inca Trail to Machu Piccu:
Day 6: Inca Trail (start from km 88 - First Camp)
Day 7: Inca Trail (First Camp - Dead Women's Pass 4198m - Pacamayo Camp)
Day 8: Inca Trail (Pacamayo Camp - Huinay Huayna)
Day 9: Inca Trail (Huinay Huayna - Machu Picchu)

Day 10: Cuzco (Sacsayhuaman ruins)
Day 11: Cuzco
Day 12: Cuzco - Puno/Lake Titicaca (by Train/3900m)
Day 13: Puno/Lake Titicaca (visit of the Uros Indians) - Arequipa (by night bus)
Day 14: Arequipa
Day 15: Arequipa (monastery Santa Catalina) - Nazca (by bus)
Day 16: Arequipa - Nazca
Day 17: Nazca
Day 18: Nazca (flight over the Nazca Lines, Chauchilla cemetary) - Lima
Day 19: Lima
Day 20: Lima
Day 21: Lima - Tumbes (by plane) - Cuenca (Ecuador/by bus)

Day 22: Cuenca
Day 23: Cuenca (start of a strike, which lasted over 10 days)
Day 24: Cuenca - Quito (one road along the coast is still open)
Day 25: Quito
Day 27: Quito - Lago Agrio (we found another open road to the Oriente)

Amazon jungle:
Day 28: Lago Agrio - Cuaybeno Resort (night walk in the jungle)
Day 29: Cuaybeno Resort (jungle walk/piranha fishing/caiman watching)
Day 30: Cuaybeno Resort (bird watching/river excursion)
Day 31: Cuaybeno Resort - Lago Agrio - Quito

Day 32: Quito
Day 33: Quito (the strike is over, the roads in the mountains are open again)
Day 34: Quito - Banos
Day 35: Banos
Day 36: Banos (hot springs)

Climbing Mt. Cotopaxi (5897m):
Day 37: Banos (1800m) - Mt. Cotopaxi (camp at 3800m)
Day 38: Mt. Cotopaxi (climbers refuge at 4800m/start for the summit at 1.00 am)
Day 39: Mt. Cotopaxi - Quito - Bogota/Columbia (by plane)
Day 40: Bogota/Columbia - Merida/Venezuela (by bus)

Day 41: Merida
Day 42: Merida
Day 43: Merida
Day 44: Merida (with the teleferico from 1577m to Pico Espejo at 4765m)
Day 45: Merida - Caracas - Ciuadad Bolivar
Day 46: Ciuadad Bolivar - Canaima Nt. Park (by plane) - Angel Falls - Ciudad Bolivar - Maracay
Day 47: Maracay - Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 48: Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 49: Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 50: Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 51: Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 52: Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Day 53: Choroni/Puerto Colombia - Maracay - Valencia - Morrocoy Nt. Park
Day 54: Morrocoy Nt. Park
Day 56: Morrocoy Nt. Park
Day 57: Morrocoy Nt. Park
Day 58: Morrocoy Nt. Park - Caracas
Day 59: Caracas - New York - London
Day 60: London - Frankfurt

January - March 2001

With the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) you can save 50% (25 US$) of the entrance fee for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Don't take a night bus from Puno to Arequipa (Peru). The road is in a terrible bad shape - I wouldn't call it a road at all. The train is supposed to be more comfortable, but runs not as frequent as the buses.

The climb of Mt. Cotopaxi (Ecuador) can be easily arranged in Banos (better than in Quito). There are many tour operators offering transport, guides and all the equipment (everything from crampons, boots and ice axe to thermal wear, sleeping back, tents and backpack). The equipment I had was in a good condition. The climb is technically not difficult and a good start for beginners (depending on the group, there's a training in the use of crampons and ice axe). But you must (!) be acclimatised to the altitude before, otherwise there's a high risk of altitude sickness and the chance to summit will be lower. Don't expect the "longer" 3 day tour is sufficient for acclimatisation.

Crossing the borders by land is pretty straighforward, but beware of the money changers. They try to cheat you, especially if you are in a rush. Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially at bus stations.

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